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PingGadget is about helping companies create better relationships with their web site visitors, whether they are a current customer or a prospective one. Relationship building is all about conversations between you and your visitors and between themselves.

Bringing web site conversation tools to your web site is what PingGadget is all about. We make it easy and rewarding for you implement these conversation tools that can make your web site a lot more sticky, build trust, and create a deeper sense of loyalty among your customer base.

Your business success depends on creating positive relationships and bonding with your customers. Isn’t excellent conversation a great way to do that? We think so. That’s why we created PingGadget.

PingGadget was built by Steve Tri Nguyen, Dennis Moulton, and Bob Cantrell.

Dennis Moulton

@PingGadget: dennis

Dennis Moulton is a social technology entrepreneur. As Co-Founder & CEO of PingGadget he is on a mission to disseminate the random musings of millions of people. Moulton is also a Co-Founder of MyWorld along with Steve. His previous projects include EnableMart and TechReady (UK). Moulton also worked for Microsoft on the Windows Client Marketing Team.


Steve Tri Nguyen

@PingGadget: steve

Steve founded Virtualosity Solutions, LLC, Viet Power Corporation, and MyWorld, the leading social and education networking destination for university students and young professionals in Vietnam.  In 2007 BusinessWeek.com selected Steve as Asia's Best Young Entrepreneur. In 2010, Steve received "Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business" award by AABDC.  Steve owns development and overall technical strategy for PingGadget.


Bob Cantrell

@PingGadget: bob

Bob is one of the founders of PingGadget. He has considerable experience in new start up and early stage businesses which include EnableMart, Oral BioTech, and several others. In addition he has experience in merger and acquisition work, consulting, and investment banking activities. His last industry experience was as a Senior Vice President, CFO and Board Member of a $1/2 billion revenue international company.

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