PingGadget is a free conversation tool for your website.

Communicate with your customers
and know what’s being said!

Make your website stick. Engagement
boosts pageviews!

Create loyal customers!

Free and easy to install!
No coding necessary!

PingGadget in 6 easy steps
Step 1: Choose a Name
We recommend the name of your web site or what your customers will call your site.
Don’t worry you can change it later if you want.
Step 2: Upload a Picture
We give you an upload window to use. It’s recommended you use your company’s logo but use anything you want. It will be used as your logo for your PingGadget. Don’t worry you can change it later if you want.
Step 3: Provide your URL
We use your URL for all navigation in PingGadget.
Step 4: Choose a Theme
Choose one of the theme’s displayed. This will be the look and feel of your PingGadget navigation tool. Again, don’t worry you can change it later if you like.
Step 5: Choose Static or Dynamic
These are two ways to set up topics of conversation:
Static: Ideal for small web sites with few pages...
The Administrator sets up conversation topics in the Admin section that seems relevant to his web site. He can map the various web pages one or more topics or none at all. These topics are static and can only be changed by the Administrator.
Dynamic: Ideal for medium to large web sites with lots of pages...
The Administrator can still set up conversation topics in the Admin section like in the Static method. However, in the dynamic model, a visitor can create his own topic for a web page that had not been mapped by the Administrator.

As you can see, with a large number of web pages, the Administrator doesn’t have to map them all. Just the most important ones and let the visitors create their own on a need basis.
Step 6: Install the Code
Just copy and paste the JavaScript code we provide between the <body> </body> tags on your web site.
We’ll walk you through each easy step.