PingGadget Features

Account Management - Your Admin Panel – The Admin panel was built so you can exercise as little as much control as you would like. It was built to be used on an intuitive basis by just clicking around in it to become familiar with it.

You are now ready to begin to use Ping Gadget conversation tool on your web site. However, you may require some help along the way.

Help – Ping Gadget has provided several ways to get some help for making Ping Gadget a real success for your web site. They are:

Help 1 – Read This White Paper - A white paper that can really help make Ping Gadget conversation tools for your web site a success. See ”How to Run an Effective Online Community”. It can make a big difference.

Help 2 – Use the Admin Help Section – Click on the Admin “Help” section and read about how to use the Ping Gadget conversation tool.

Help 3 – Send us an E-Mail – Go to “Contact” at the bottom of the Ping Gadget home page and use the e-mail form to ask your questions. We will send an e-mail answer reply.

Group Admin Explained
The group admin is where you will manage your Ping Gadget account. The group admin is comprised of 8 sections:

Embedded Code – Here you can grab the code needed for Ping Gadget to display on your website. You can always change the color theme of your Ping Gadget install from this section.

Settings – Here you can change the name of your group, change the website calibrated to your Ping Gadget, add a description for your group as well as add a Group photo or select not to display one.

Categories – Here you can manage existing categories and create new ones. Whether your Ping Gadget is static or dynamic you can decide what categories are mapped to what URL.

Entries – you’re in charge of all entries made to your group and this is the place to manage the content.

Followers – Basic analytics for your group including number of entries, number of users who are following your group and total number of page views for your group.

Ping Gadget Analytics – Track your group activites in real-time and in-depth.

Email Invite – Import email, send email to your new, existing users to enable broader engagement and communication.

Getting Started – A general help section for your reference.